Our Outeiros Altos wines are produced and bottled at the property from selected grapes exclusively from our vines.

With modest produce, but balanced against the austerity of the soils and climate, normally between 4 and 6ton./ha., the grapes are harvested during the months of September and October.

We believe the wine is essentially made by the vine, and therefore we practice a "precision harvesting", selecting each grape variety by zones within each vine lot, according to its ripeness stage and the type of wine we wish to create.

After being manually harvested, the grapes are transported to the cellar in 20kg. boxes, where they are carefully chosen, destemmed and crushed. The foot crushing still isn't an option for wines of superior quality.
Putting Tradition and Technology together, vinification is made in stainless steel vats and tanks, but also in clay "Talhas" (jars), recovered for the function it was made for one century ago.

Vinification is made with minimum intervention, in small volumes and partially by gravity.

Attention to detail reflects on the personality, complexity and unique character of the Outeiros Altos wines.